Here are the frequently asked questions that I've compiled to help you find the answers to the problems you are wondering.


What is your process?

It Depends on the client and project. for more information about my process, please reach out with project details, so I can give you more indepth insights.

Do you provide a NDA Agreement?

If your project requires one, yes. absolutely!

How many revisions do I get?

Returning clients get UNLIMITED revisions. I'm willing to work with you until you get your envisioned result. for new clients, it depends, if you come from a referral, you might get unlimited revisions. if not, standard is 5 revisions per project. plus, revisions depend on the type of project. (for example branding projects get more revisions than advertising material design projects. etc)


What payment methods are accepted?

I use PAYONEER as my primary payment gateway. you can make payments using ACH Bank Debit, local bank transfer and credit/debit cards. Paypal is available in selected regions. same as Direct bank transfers. for more information please reach out with your location details.

Do I have to deposit a down payment?

Depends on the client and project. for returnung clients, there are no down payment. They can start right away on their own choosing of timeline. for New clients, there's a 25% down payment. for more information please reach out with project details.


How about Hosting & Domain, are those included in your service?

No. you have to get hosting and domain on your own, however, I'm willing to help you go through this process. once you have those, please provide me the login info, to proceed with next steps on your web project.

Are you available for future changes on my project?

Of course, once you have 2 or more projects with me, you are a returning client. you can direclty reach out to my phone in any case. no emails, no waiting. I'm happy to assist you.

How long do you support for websites?

Every new web projects get 3 months of Free support (Update/Maintenance). after that you can get my web maintenance support for a flat rate per month. for more information please reach out with your project details.

What kind of files do I get?

You will get all related design files or code files. for no extra fee.

I want my project to have a back-end/CMS. Can you provide one?

As of now, due to high amount of workload, I only accept informative/static websites. this means no login pages, payment gateways, ecommerce shopping cart systems and/or any other database related back-end is not inluded in my service. Handling back end for more clients requires time. So this service is on hold. but I might start it back in near future. Stay tuned!

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